Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Bee Stings

Yesterday, I was taking care of this little girl, who (I think) is going into either first or second grade. Anyway, she was outside playing in a soccer field. She and her friends screamed when she saw a bee and tried to kill it by stepping on it. I tell them to leave the bees alone.
They, being intelligent females, decide to try to catch the bees with cups. I take their cups away. (It's a rather dramatic story with a rather dramatic struggle, but I'll skip that. It ends with them smuggling a cup and running away from me.) Then they find a shoe and start beating the bees. I take the shoe away. They get the shoe back.
So I'm looking down, entertaining a kindergartner, and then I hear a girl cry...

She got stung by a bee.

She starts hopping up and down and yelling, even when I tell her to lie down. So we hobble over back into the room, and she lies down (finally!) and I roll up her pant leg with a credit card to scoop out the stinger and...

There was no stinger.

And that was one of the small highlights of my day.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

My Fake Arm

Yesterday, I was asked if my arm was fake (by like a fourth grader). I told him no. He kept insisting that it was fake, so I pulled up my sleeve and showed him where it attached to my body. So he gives up in that department.

A minute later he asks me if my leg is fake.

Don't little kids say the darnest things?

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