Tuesday, June 5, 2012

I Score One for the Gipper

What's a gipper?

Today I called Safeway/Vons customer service to lodge a complaint. The other day, when I opened my new jar of strawberry preserves, I found a hair-like substance in it (see picture).

After a relatively short call (not too much hold music and the representative spoke loud enough to be heard) they arranged for me to pick up a refund at the store.

Not too bad, right? I feel like I've conquered the system somehow.

I feel special.

Updated 7/21/12: I didn't make this clear in the original post, but I want to extol Safeway/Vons for their excellent customer service! I didn't actually pick up the refund (I just brought in the contaminated jar and they let me trade it for a new one; I didn't have to go to customer service at all!) but I am extremely pleased with the service and care I have gotten from Safeway, both corporate and from my local store.

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