Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Rest of August


Let me attempt to summarize August between my last post and now.

1) I climbed Mt. Whitney! :) [It wasn't that hard.]
1b) I saw an air evacuation take place (small yellow helicopter).
1c) The backpack trip was roughly 49 miles (with a roughly 45lb backpack...which got lighter as food was eaten).
1d) I also have a couple of good scars from that trip.

2) There's something wrong with me. My abdominal area is hurting like crazy and I have rather mild gas. It feels like my intestines are stretched out with bloaty-ness.

3) Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad is horrible. Amy Foster (by the same man) is much, much better.

Anyway....I think that's all I have for about now.

Geez, my stomach isn't doing well.

PS: I hope all the Hurricane Irene people are doing alright. Praying for you :)

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