Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Trickle of Consciousness

Sometimes, artists like to use a technique called stream of consciousness in which they remove the filters from their minds and write or paint whatever they think of first in order to get a raw and uncensored look at the human psyche.

I would do that right now for a couple minutes but I'm so tired and distracted that all I'm really going to type is a mere trickle of that.

Let's roll.

1. I really want some ice-cream right now....I know it's probably full of a lot of fat and bad calories and stuff, but that's not really stopping me from thinking about it.

2. There are some wacky articles on Yahoo! today. Here are 3 that caught my eye:

A) A woman gets a heart attack while eating a gigantic burger, smoking a cigarette, and drinking a margarita.

[What a horrible waste of resources. Why is it that people can be so stupid (or ignorant? selfish? unaware?) as to do something so horrible to their own bodies and confrontational to humanity as a whole? What unrestrained display of gluttony is this? Is this America today? What happened to the days of restraint, sensibility, and self-control? Where did the discipline and morality of our former generations dissipate?]
(That article is here)

 B) A young woman in China falls into the sidewalk. It literally collapses under her and she falls in. Pretty scary, actually. That video is here.

C) A couple kids landed in the hospital because they got alcohol poisoning off-- Oh, goodness-- hand sanitizer. They distilled and consumed the alcohol from the hand sanitizer and didn't do too well. That article is here, though I warn you that you may smack your head in frustration a couple times while reading it.

[How can our kids be so stupid today? I just don't understand. While I know that most of the darling beasts we call children don't usually act this way, I just can't help but feel offended by the actions of some of these kids. {Though, admittedly, I don't think I would have ever thought about using a salt to distill the ethyl alcohol from hand sanitizer. I would like to try that sometime as a science experiment.} Why is it that these few people can mar the rising generations of America as irresponsible drunkards?]

3. I'm really tired.

4. Everything is piling up on me and I'm tired and I"m getting slightly stressed out.

5. I read a couple books lately...I finished up Antigone (by Sophocles), The Road (by McCarthy) and Catch-22 (by Heller) as well as a couple other works not worth mentioning. All wonderful books. Great stuff.

Antigone strikes at the heart of the greater moral issues of the time of the Classical Greeks but has a definite appeal to us as contemporary and modern citizens of an era that we think is so much more "advanced" than those of our predecessors; The Road is a rather pessimistic book about the journey of a father and son in a post-apocalyptic world and their struggle to survive as well as the bond that grows between them; Catch-22 is an extremely funny and extremely serious book about a group (is the technical term squadron?) of American soldiers stationed in Italy and the hilarious results of the inefficiencies of the war time hierarchy.

6. I'm really, really tired. I also need to shower...I'll probably do that after I'm done with this post.

7. I like pears. I need to do a lot of cleaning.

8. I like chocolate...I hate how good chocolate is expensive, though.

9. Gas is expensive, too.

10. The 2012 election is going down the tank.

11. I understand that I'm not a politician or an economist, but I can't even grasp how the country is running on an almost $16 trillion dollar debt. The interest on that debt must be a lot of money....Am I supposed to buy a US bond?

Now I'm sure I'm rambling...boy do I need that shower....

Have a fantastic day/night, wherever you are. Keep out of trouble, and God bless.

12. I almost died on Sunday...I was moving to the lane on my left on the freeway and I didn't really look and a car came shooting by me at 60mph or so right before I merged into the lane. In other words, if I had switched lanes 1/3 a second earlier I would have gotten side-swiped by the car as it came past me...Scary thought.

13. When's the last time I drank milk? Maybe I'll go drink some now, before my shower. Milk builds strong bones, and the fat in the milk isn't necessarily unhealthy fat.

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