Sunday, August 30, 2009


I recently watched Bolt, the movie about a dog who's lost and has to find his way home, and so now I'm going to review it for you all. Here we go:

Bolt is a movie made by Disney Animation, 2008. It's a comedy, and, I have to say, it really is funny. Basically, this dog named Bolt is a TV show dog with super powers (super strength, heat vision, and a 'super bark'. In order to keep things realistic for the dog, the producers absolutely insist that the dog does not know he is in a TV show. Bolt really thinks he has super powers. The plot of the TV show is that his owner (both in the TV show and outside of it) Penny is trying to rescue her kidnapped father from the clutches of evil Dr. Calico (who carries a cat on his shoulder). However, to increase viewers, the producer decides to have Calico kidnap Penny herself. Bolt, thinking this entire kidnapping is real, panics, escapes from the set, and ends up in a box of styrafoam peanuts. The box is sealed, and he is shipped all the way from Hollywood to the East Coast. To find out how to save Penny, he finds a cat named Mittens and forces her to take him to Calico. Mittens, not knowing what was going on, read Bolt's collar and saw that he was from Hollywood, so Mittens 'admits' that she knew where Penny was and starts walking Bolt over to Hollywood. (Yep. From New York.) Along the way, they meet a little hamster in a ball named Rhino, who's a big fan of Bolt. On a train that's heading over to the West, a number of events make Bolt realize that he, in fact, did not have super powers. Skipping their adventure over to Hollywood, Bolt finally arrives in Hollywood, worms his way over to the studio, and sees Penny with another dog, whom she says she loves very much. Bolt, heartbroken, goes away. Mittens, however, stays and sees that it was just Penny doing her act with the Bolt-replacement for the show, and she sees that Penny really misses Bolt. Mittens runs off to try to get Bolt to cheer up and realize the situation. While that's happening, however, the Bolt-replacement gets scared during the shooting of the TV show and starts a huge fire in the studio, which traps Penny inside. In the short, Bolt rushes inside and manages to save Penny from impeding disaster, and they are united and happy once more.

Okay. That's the plot, now onto the funny: In short, Bolt's plot is magnificently done. It's really funny, and I tried not to ruin most of the funny parts in the story...The little hamster, Rhino, who I skipped over, is a hilarious character. This is a great family film, or a good one to just have a laugh with. Funny, suspenseful, and fast-paced, I highly recommend Bolt for anyone who wants a good laugh.
However, I do need to point out, in the sake of fairness, that there are a couple parts near the end which you really want to fastfoward through. The movie slows dramatically when compared to the normal pace, and the slow parts really don't have much to do with anything. But that's pretty much the only bad thing about the movie.

Overall: 9/10

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