Sunday, October 10, 2010

Today is

Today is 10/10/10. People claim that today is special, and that it won't come again in 10,000 years.

Think about that. Why would I beg to differ?

First of all, the next time we will see 10/10/10 is not in 10,000 years, but in 100 years. We will see 10/10/10 again on October 10, 2110. But that's not the main point here.

Tomorrow is 10/11/10. We won't have another date like this for 100 years as well, until October 11, 2110. Later in this year, we will have 12/20/10. There will also be no 12/20/10 for another 100 years.

But the thing we have to realize is that despite that those dates might share the same fancy set of numbers, that today is, in fact, today. There will never be another day like it again. Despite all the rumors of deja vu or living the same day twice, I highly doubt that I will ever have the opportunity to blog about the shallowness of American culture and random patterns that appear in the dates of the Gregorian calender.

Today is a special day not because it is 10/10/10, but because it is the only 10/10/10 you will experience; this moment right now is the only 10/10/10 you will ever have, and no other moment will be the same-- despite how cruddy or how great today has been.

So enjoy it, won't you?

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