Friday, July 9, 2010

Remove White-Out From Your Clothing- A "How To"

HOW TO: Remove white-out and oil stains (like WD-40) from your clothing

True story: I was sitting at my desk, filling out a form (I was filling out the form, not the desk). I reach for the white-out jar, and...

It jumped and attacked me. It leaped off the desk and attacked my right side of my chest. Great. Now I had a great, noticeable blob of white out about the size of a quarter on my new navy blue shirt and another blob about the size of a nickle on my new black pants. Fantastic.

So how do I get white out off my clothes? This How-To is compiled from the internet....and my own experience.

First off, I advise

  1. Fully reading this post before trying anything
  2. Testing this strategy on an inconspicuous part of your clothing (inside the collar, for example)

You will need:
  1. WD-40 (the lubricant)
  2. Rags (like an old t-shirt)
  3. Dish soap (the one you use to wash your dishes - not sure if it works with dish washer soap)
  4. Water (from tap/sink)
  5. Traditional washing machine

First, we will remove the white-out from your clothing with the WD40.

  1. Stuff the inside of your affected clothing with the rags. This will prevent WD40 from leaking into the other (unaffected) side.
  2. Spray the WD40 onto the white-out stain. The white-out should start to flake or peel off.
  3. Dab the white-out with another rag until the white-out stain starts to disappear (the stain might smear a little -- this is fine).
  4. Re-apply the WD40 as needed.

When done, wait about 30 minutes before moving on to the next step.

Yay! Your white out stain is gone! However, now you have a WD-40 grease/oil stain on your shirt.

In order to get rid of your WD-40 stain,
  1. Prepare your dish soap solution. Add water to dish soap so that the solution is 3 parts soap to 1 part water (this is equal to 3/4 soap, 1/4 water). Your resulting solution should be slippery (like soap) but runny.
  2. Spread your solution liberally on all places that have been touched/stained by the WD40.
  3. Let the soap sit and soak into your clothing for about 20 minutes.
  4. Throw the shirt/clothing into the washing machine, and wash like normal. The stain should come out.
So, hope this little How To helped you get your white out stain out of your clothing
and also get your WD40 stain out of your clothing as well. Good luck with all of this, and leave a comment if you tried this!

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