Sunday, February 28, 2010

Thursday- The Day I Almost Got Hit By A Car

I've completely forgotten to put up this post on Thursday, and now that I've remembered, I will.

On Thursday, around 4:15-30ish, I was really tired and I was walking through the parking lot. I passed behind a big dark blue (indigo blue, if you will) van. And I think to myself: "What a big van."
And next to the van is parked a white mini-van. A mother is there, and she smiles at me. I smile back.

Then, in my side vision, I see the blue van start to back out. I freak out-- I mean, this thing is going to hit me if I don't move.

But I'm so darn tired and my legs hurt so I can't move out of the way. Instead, I raise my hands up and throw my body away from the van in hopes that the blow won't hurt as much.

Then I realize that the van didn't actually move at all, and it was me just being tired that made the world around me spin a little.

And, of course, the woman in the white van saw me flinch and dodge a parked blue van, so she laughed for a good chunk after that.

But that's that. And I have been hit by a parked car before. So I consider dodging this one to be quite an improvement.

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