Sunday, January 24, 2010


Today, I got an orange-- you know, because oranges have vitamin C, and since my throat feels like crud and I'm sick, I could use some vitamin C (in addition to the V-C pills I took this morning).

So this orange is huge-- way bigger than the size of my fist...It's like the size of two and a half fists (by my standards, 2 fists-- but I have big hands). So this huge this is barely sitting in the palm of my hand, and I get out my little pocket knife to peel away the orangey stuff. (It seems redundant to say that I peeled away the peel.)

Peeling, peeling, peeling-- it seems that I've been whittling away at this thing for at least 5 minutes now, and then...

I cut myself.

The knife hits my skin and it hurts-- but there's no blood drawn, and it didn't actually break the skin (so technically I didn't cut myself). I thought how cruddy it would be to get the citric acid into my blood-- that would hurt a bundle.

So now I'm done peeling the entire white pith away (of which there's at least a good pound or two). I split open the orange (you know, into sections) when some of the juice gets into my eye.

As a result, now my right eye hurts like crazy.

AND the keyboard and mouse and desk are all sticky.

But it was a good orange (and now my trash can is full).

Oh well. Hope I get better.

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