Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Dream Journal (for the night of Monday, Jan 11)

Here's my dream I had last night/this morning:

I was in the back of a cart (a horse-drawn cart type thing, only I don't think there were horses). It's day time. There are three other people in the car- two girls (one tall and blond), and another white-faced Joker-type person (who is laugh-y, but not evil). I let him see my smiley-face pen. He plays with it and twists and untwists the springs and whatever. Somehow, he produces a wax type substance. We play with this, making it into different shapes. I make a dinosaur type shape when it's my turn-- a T-Rex.

Then suddenly, the Joker-guy goes on to talk about combining powers with another and making a new creature or whatever.

Here's a break in the dream.

I somehow find myself at a home (uptown, like on a hill). It's dark out, and looking out to the city, I can see that part of it's on fire, like a monster has been ravaging through it or something. I'm also, for whatever reason, in charge of a big (30ft high?) blue blobby type creature with legs and arms and hands, but no fingers. Out of his hands shoot a low-pressure beam of water (about the equivalent of a garden hose). Together, this blob and I, we walk down to help combat whatever monster is attacking the city. But, as we're walking down the hill (I'm riding on the blue blob), a green-clothed flying with a glider type guy who uses sonar to get around keeps trying to attack us by sweeping at us from the air. And so we try to hide in the shadows and creep around and to knock the guy out of the air with our garden-hose abilities.

No wait! It gets even weirder:

We stop at a bathroom. No, not to go to the bathroom-- to put on sunscreen.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I had-- in my dream-- heard my mother's voice telling me to put on sunscreen, and I stopped in the middle of a battle to put on sunscreen.

So I stop, I put on this sunscreen, and then the evil woman who's terrorizing the town comes! And so we're having this battle and I'm losing and then suddenly she has to go to the bathroom and change. So she goes in and she changes and comes out. (This is when I first realize that it's light outside.) And so I take a picture of the girl with my phone so that I can go report her to the authorities or whatever later. Then I quickly walk away. (The green-guy is nowhere to be found.)

I walk over to the dock (because I'm near an ocean or something), and some 16 year old looking guy is following me. Two Storm Troopers (yes, from Star Wars) are posing for pictures with people on the dock and are charging them. I realize that the guy following me was my cousin (I don't have a cousin that looks like that...). I ask him how old he is, and he says 23. "23!" I explode. I think of how to ask the next question- if he had gone to college or if he had dropped out-- and I wake up.

So that's my dream for last night.

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