Wednesday, July 14, 2010

10 Things I Really Don't Care About

Here are 10 things I really don't care about (but probably should):

  1. The World Cup (FIFA)
  2. What Blu-Ray is, exactly
  3. How the internet works (click on the little fox icon, right?)
  4. If the refrigerator light stays on when you close the door (Just kidding....we all know the answer is yes.)
  5. The oil spill (Life will move on.)
  6. TV shows (don't have time to watch it)
  7. What happened to Chris Brown, anyway?
  8. What they really put into your burger at a fastfood joint
  9. Why Macs cost so much (If I couldn't get 3 PC's for the price of 1 Mac, I'd get one...maybe)
  10. The annoying-ness of people (though I shan't complain, for I'm sure people had to put up with me, too)

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