Monday, March 7, 2011

Left Contact (Again)

I've had trouble with my left contact before.

Well this time, I have a very good reason to be thankful.

Saturday morning, I put in my contacts around 12:00AM (near midnight) and went to sleep. When I woke up at 7:20, I took out my right contact like always, then realized my left contact had fallen out when I was asleep.

So, naturally, I freak out.

I looked everywhere. Behind the bottles of contact solution, behind my pillow, near my bed, on my clothes, in my blankets...nothing.

I finally sigh and put away my right contact and I reason I'll just have to look for the left one later. I had something important to do that day (hence my early rising).

As I lifted myself from my bed, I glanced around one last time and-- lo and behold!-- there was my left contact, BEHIND me on my bed. It was in the one spot I had not looked for it, and, if I had shifted any of my weight behind me, I would have surely crushed it into pieces.

So, that's that. Thank you God for helping me find my contact :)

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