Saturday, October 22, 2011

How To Look Like Barbie

I ran across this picture on Yahoo! the other day and I brought it up today in a conversation I was having. The conversation is irrelevant-- I just wanted to show you the picture I saw. Basically, this model had her body marked up (plastic-surgery style) to show what changes needed to be made to her body to look like Barbie's (the doll's) body. The changes are rather shocking.

The changes that need to be made to a relatively attractive and healthy woman are quite astounding.
(The model's name, according to Yahoo!, is Katie Halchishick.)


  1. well... i read some where that such an alteration towards a body to look like barbie it would be impossible her waist would b to small to hold up the upper body... :)

  2. it's crazy.. a woman actually had surgery to look like barbie :/
    check out my blog sometime!?!
    thanks <3

  3. As someone who suffered from an eating disorder for years and is still in recovery, I find this very intersting. She (the model) is so beautiful and healthy just like she is! We all are, in fact. :) Would you like to be blog friends? Mine is about thrift store shopping...I'm wearing a different thrift store outfit every day for a year

  4. Lana-bug,

    This woman didn't actually GET the surgery. She just wanted to show how many changes would need to be made to her already beautiful body to get Barbie's body.

    From what I understand, even attempting that surgery is really risky. I think, quite literally, were you to get that surgery, there would be no room for your organs along the torso of your body.

    Thanks for all of your comments, though!



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