Sunday, February 26, 2012

February in One Post

All right... here we go:

Here's my month of February in one shot:

1) Got oral surgery....cheeks are puffy but I'm alive which is good :) It means I'm hungry though...
2) Some friend troubles, but I'm hoping they'll sort out.
3) Today, I had a dream in which my dream self realized that I was in a dream. That was weird. (I dreamt that I saw someone monitoring my hand and arm movements on a computer and thus I realized that I was in a dream (in the dream). Wow....this is getting really confusing. Moving on to the next point:)
4) I got a case for my Kindle...Did I post that I purchased a Kindle in December? Well I did.
5) Getting more sleep, which is good.
6) Bought a suit! It's charcoal gray and it's spiffy!
7) Been helping out in the community. Fun and a definite sense of accomplishment.
8) Finished all my work by their deadlines....Now facing more work and paperwork, but no biggy...
9) Currently wasting too much time on the computer on random websites...
10) Ever wonder how your new, out-of-the-box pencils are so neatly sharpened? This is how:


  1. all in all a good month for you... best wishes for March;)


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