Sunday, October 7, 2012


It is October and I am excited.

1) Today one of my friends got baptised!
2) I am going to visit some East Coast cities over the next week!
3) I made one my friends mad at me this last week and he forgave me today :)
4) I was given the most meaningful compliment I've ever received so far. I was talking about those people who are happy and smiling all the time-- people who just always seem to find something positive and funny in life-- and then somebody told me that they thought I was one of those people. And that's probably the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me. I used to be a very bitter, sarcastic, and apathetic person ("I don't care about what you think") because I had trouble understanding my purpose and the point of life, and being happy has never really been easy for me, so for two people to think that I'm the "smile-y guy" means a lot to me. When I think about the way God changed me from being such an upset person to someone who is much more open and receptive and "happier" I can't just help but think of what a testimony that is to God's love for us.
5) On that note, I found out on Friday that my grandfather has esophagus cancer...It's tricky to be happy and focused on work when that happens, but I believe God has a plan for everyone and I know not to A) worry or B) be discouraged.

The leaves are vividly orange and falling; the temperature is nippy and the air is fresh. It is October, and while there are plenty of reasons to be sad, there are many good reasons to be happy, too.

Have a great fall.

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