Saturday, July 26, 2014

Decaffeinated Black Tea

I have 140k views on my Google+ profile. I didn't know I had a Google+ profile.


I am beginning to realize that I am far more blessed than I will ever know.

My finances, while not ideal, are OK for the time being; my family, while I have only seen them very briefly this year, is relatively healthy; my friends, though I miss them dearly, I got to talk to via webcam the other Thursday (did you know my computer comes with a webcam? I didn't) or through Facebook or text messaging; and my work -- well, at least I got a paycheck last week.

I finished reading Moby Dick somewhere near the end of June. It's not quite what I expected -- the plot is somewhat disappointing, but the characters are intriguing. I've also been learning how to play the guitar. I don't have a guitar so I try to borrow someone else's when I can, but, as you can imagine, not having a guitar makes it difficult to build up finger strength and callouses. I'm also learning Spanish (El pinguino es un pajaro blanco y negro). Progress is slow, but it's fun. I'm learning.

There's a funny thing I have slowly begun to realize, and it is this: though I am not as successful as I would hope, though I don't get as much work done as I (or my boss) would like, though I don't have as much money as I want -- I have enough. And, as I am still learning, I have more than enough. I am very blessed to have all the materials and people in my life, and very blessed to get to invest my time in these (self-actualizing, some might say) activities like reading and learning a new language and playing the guitar. And besides these more overt blessings, there are the "little things" -- living in a safe area, warm clothing, a radio that plays music, a paying job, a phone that can beat you at chess, being a citizen of a country with political stability -- there are these little things that you never quite appreciate until you realize that other people don't have them.

It's quite sad to think that the friends I make now I may not see again, for each of us shall diverge along our separate ways. The remaining time I have with them left is short (though it may not seem like it), and I am sad to see them go. For while I have met many people throughout my schooling and my work, there are only a small handful whom I have really connected with, and they are the kindest, funniest, most understanding people I have known. It is exciting to see what is in store for them in the future and saddening to know that I will never have the opportunity to express my gratitude or make it up to them.

I bought a box of decaf black tea at the store a couple weeks ago. I can't drink caffeine (a cup of green tea at 3PM means I will be awake until at least 4AM), so to have found tea that I can drink -- no matter how poor the quality -- is wonderful. Great taste. Perhaps they sell it at other stores. Maybe I'll buy another box of 100 bags before I go, just to be safe.

So many blessings, and I am only beginning to understand the magnitude of them. Family, safety, books, friends, tea -- I think I'm beginning to know what the psalmist meant when he wrote "My cup runneth over."


I started writing this blog post on July 3 (and, of course, I thought about it for quite a while before actually beginning to write it). What day is it now, the 26th? It is taking longer and longer for me to articulate my thoughts.

I am getting older. Perhaps it is starting to show.

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  1. You seem like you are quite happy with your life and well that's what counts in the end. So happy for you.


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