Saturday, December 12, 2009

No Posts Indefinitely due to Explosions

My power's out indefinitely, and as such, I will not be able to post (with the computer being at 13% battery and the internet gone...)

However, I witnessed the explosions that made the power go out.

Today was foggy. The rain had started around 2 PM, but by 4 it was gone.

Here's the story:

I was sitting on my couch on the phone. And you know how it was really gray and dreary and colorless outside? Well, suddenly, there's a big flash of orange light, and a shaking sound (the window rattled). I look outside, and there is a ton (a TON) of sparks showering down onto the shrubbery. I think "Oh, fudgesicles...where's my cell phone? I need to call 911" when there's another boom at the other powerline. I rush over there...and there's barrels and barrels and barrels of sparks pouring and pouring out, the power line falling and glowing bright white...

And then I got connected to the 911 operator, and I tell her my name and address...and she connects me to the police station...and I give them my name and address and what happened...and then I get transferred to the fire department...and I give them my name and address, and what happened, and my address, and my city, and my city again, my name, my cell phone number, and my city yet again...

And so meanwhile, I'm looking at a downed power line in the shrubbery, caught on a tree...and for the next two hours, while all my power's gone and all I have is my phone, I'm busy taking pictures of the tree smolder and the fire flare up...

But anyway, I'm safe, the tree is OK, the power's gone, and there will probably be no more posts for a while...


  1. WOW. WHAT A DAY. so you were home alone?!

  2. You should put this on MLIA


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