Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Dream Journal (for Mon, Jan 4)

I've been commissioned to write a dream journal, either about a dream I had or how I feel right before I go to sleep. This is for yesterday, before I went to sleep.

Pre-sleep: 10:47 PM

Feeling: I'm feeling sorta calm right now. I'm was really pissed and annoyed beforehand, though, with people and myself. People really can make you mad.
I've come to realize that there are a couple certainties in the world:

  • There are dumb people out there
  • There are confused people out there
  • There are people above you in power out there
  • There are dumb and confused people in power above you out there-- and, when this happens, you can get really, really annoyed...

But you just have to deal with it...

Anyway. Today, thought about Psalm 69 because friend-that's-a-girl wanted me to find some Bible verses for her. It's a very vivid chapter of the Bible (v2:
I sink in the miry depths,
where there is no foothold.
I have come into the deep waters;
the floods engulf me.
I also went on Facebook to cool off after that incident. Great time-- great people, great friends. Just remembered I have to ask N.M. [name shortened for privacy] something tomorrow. I'm a little worried about one of my friends, though...Am I supposed to do something to help him?

I will try incubating that question today, by asking over and over, "Am I supposed to minister to C.R.?"

Will pray, put in contacts, then go to sleep.

That was my entry.

I do not remember having a dream.

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