Monday, November 15, 2010

Dream Journal, 11/11-12/10

My Dream, 11/11/10-11/12/10

It's a dark night. I see this first half of my dream from the sky, like I'm in a helicopter; though I clearly see myself down on the ground.

I'm running. I and another guy next to me are running away from a car, a car whose headlights are blazing and following us. I have no idea as to who the guy running with me is.
We eventually run parallel to a green fence (of a CVS Pharmacy), and I decide to jump the fence and seek refuge in the closed CVS. As I jump, I hear a couple gun shots ring out.

The rest of the dream takes place through my eyes, not from the sky.

Inside the CVS (how did I get into the CVS?), I switch on the TV, and watch the news
I see that a gang had been driving through the streets, and a helicopter caught the gunfire on TV.
What happened was that one shot went right past me as I had jumped, and another shot hit the guy that was running with me and killed him.
And, of course, I go on Facebook and tell people that I was shot at.

I don't remember the rest of the dream, but I think that the police took away the body in a white bag.

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