Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving, I'm thankful for (not in any particular order)

10) My health: That even though I'm sick, I don't always feel this way;
9) My sleep: That even though I've been going to sleep at 2AM regularly, I've been able to sort of catch up...;
8) My computer: That my computer's been working--not perfectly-- but fine recently. Nothing to majorly complain about;
7) My work: That I've been getting my work done on time;
6) My friends: That my friends have been around to support me;
5) My stuff: That I have a lot of unnecessary things to entertain me and electronics to fool around with;
4) A day off tomorrow!;
3) A (hopefully) exciting Thanksgiving dinner with family;
2) A decent brain: That, out of all chances of me being born with a condition or disorder, I don't have one;
1) Chapstick: Since I've been sick for a while now, my nose has been stuffed up and it's impossible to breathe through it (even now, sitting upright, I'm breathing through my mouth). And when I sleep, I have to sleep with my mouth open, resulting in a horribly dry and cracked and bleeding and cruddy mouth when I wake up. And the damage is still pretty extensive (I think my lips need to be smoothed by sandpaper), but I'm thankful for chapstick for helping tone the pain down a little bit.

Have a nice Thanksgiving :)

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